Past Speakers

Leandro Melendez

AKA Señor Performo

Leandro Melendez, Señor Performo, talks about his new book The Hitchhiking Guide To Load Testing Projects: A Fun, Step-by-Step Walk-Through Guide.

Performance test consultant/manager, podcaster, public speaker, presenter, enthusiast and evangelist.

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NaveenKumar Namachivayam

QA Insights

A seasoned performance engineer with 15+ years of experience in architecting, designing and development of application & microservices & infrastructure automation, performance, and CI/CD solutions. I am a T-Shaped learner who loves to break stuffs, analyze why it broke and automate the repeated tasks. I am an avid blogger and content creator. I run a blog and YouTube channel called QAInsights where I publish articles and videos about performance engineering, observability and testing trends and tools.

QAInsights is a technical blog for performance testing and engineering professionals focusing about the tools, current trends, performance monitoring, observability and more.

Get Set Action, featuring GitHub action for JMeter

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David Milette

SQA Logic

SQALogic’s global network of industry experts and thought leaders help customers deploy and implement tools and solutions that derive true ROI and mitigate the risks of their ever-growing complex IT landscapes.

The state of Load Testing: From Performance Testing to Performance Engineering.

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Emily Ren

Principal Performance Consultant.

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Eldad Uzman

Senior Automation Engineer at MSD Animal Health Intelligence Technology Labs.

Eldad will talk about their experience with collaborative performance testing.

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Dave Koziel


Removing Outliers from a JMeter Test

Bob Bickel

RedLine13 Co-Founder

The history of RedLine13 and where did the name come from

Bob is a 30-year software industry veteran who mentors and works closely with emerging software companies. In addition to co-founding RedLine13, he is currently the CEO of GiveSignup | RunSignup and a board member for CloudBees. Other companies he has advised include Hyperic (acquired by SpringSource, in turn acquired by VMware), Bristol Technologies (acquired by IBM) and Princeton Softech (acquired by HP). Bob was vice president of strategy at JBoss (acquired by Red Hat), where he was responsible for the company’s growth strategy, early strategic partnerships and recruitment of key management personnel. Previously, Bob was general manager of Hewlett-Packard’s middleware division. He came to HP through its acquisition of Bluestone Software, which Bob helped create. At Bluestone, he oversaw initial sales, marketing and product development. He also led product strategy through the company’s IPO and, later, its acquisition by HP. You can learn more about Bob at

Heath Meyer


Lead Software Engineer, ACT.

Lessons learned at ACT.

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Nik Gregory


Principal Engineer at Acquia

Driving load tests from the command line.

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