LoadTestWorld is an opportunity for members of the load testing community to meet virtually and share!

Our second ever LoadTestWorld 2022 has concluded, but we have made available all the recordings for your to refer back to and or for those who could not attend the experience. You can find those here under Past Events and on our LoadTestWorld YouTube channel. LoadTestWorld is a 100% free and 100% virtual conference, and features great talks and real engagement with the attendees during Q&A. Learn how to load test better today and give you something to think about for the future of load testing.

Recent speakers include RedLine13 co-founder Rich Friedman, Lee Fox of AWS, NaveenKumar Namachivayam of QAInsights, Ram Lakshmanan of yCrash, and Eldad Uzman of Merck.

We hope that you've enjoyed our past conferences and that you'll join us next time!

Hosted by RedLine13