LoadTestWorld is an opportunity for members of the load testing community to meet virtually and share!

We are happy with the reaction to starting and hosting LoadTestWorld. We are already working on the next LoadTestWorld for 2022. Follow LoadTestWorld on Twitter for the latest info.

All speaker presentations from the first LoadTestWorld are now available on the LoadTestWorld YouTube channel.

The talks covered a range of topics. David Milette of SQALogic kicked things off with the state of load testing today. Eldad Uzman shared his thoughts on collaborative efforts in performance testing at MSD.

Performance Testing Consultant Emily Ren reviewed her comparison of leading load testing tools that she gives to her clients. Watch Leandro Melendez, aka Señor Performo, talk about his new book The Hitchhiking Guide To Load Testing Projects: A Fun, Step-by-Step Walk-Through Guide.

Experienced load testers from ACT and Acquia talked about how they are doing load testing. Other speakers included NaveenKumar Namachivayam of QAInsights, Bob Bickel and Dave Koziel of RedLine13.

See our "Past Events" section for conference archives of our guest speakers and topics.